About Arwood

factory-1604Arwood Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing Contract Furniture from our centralized Oklahoma City, Oklahoma location since 1983. Here, Arwood manufactures furniture for Hotel/Motel, Extended Stay, Nursing home, Dormitory, Mental Health and Hospital facilities.

Lodging is our major market, where we are competitively priced on durable furniture constructed to provide 10 to 15 years of trouble-free service. Our loyal customers, both national and international, are pampered with service, flexibility, convenience and dependability.

Why Arwood

Why Arwood: Arwood is just right, not too big, and not too small:

image14BIG ENOUGH – To use state of the art furniture manufacturing equipment and materials. image13SMALL ENOUGH – To still use craftsmen where detail is appreciated.
image12BIG ENOUGH – To manufacture a 500-room cutting. image11SMALL ENOUGH – To modify the TV Armoires to meet your unique application.
image10BIG ENOUGH – To manufacture 10,000 rooms of furniture per year on one shift. image9SMALL ENOUGH – That a real person answers the phone!
image8BIG ENOUGH – To be computerized, automated, and on-line. image18SMALL ENOUGH –That the two Owners (Vernon left, Barry Right) are aware of each and every order being produced.


Arwood is sensitive to your needs and those of the Lodging Industry to whom we are dedicated.