Custom Furniture

In this arena we are open-minded and embrace change, for it is not usually all custom, but rather an adaptation or modification of a current or past product. We will work with you from pictures or sketches to CAD drawings, which will be costed and then Value Engineered to help meet your Budget. Here we do not have the answer, but will find it with your help.

Many of our current styles are a result of just such a customer requirement. Quantity is the key, order volume and potential will help absorb engineering costs. If we do not think this product is our “cup of tea”, we will refer you to someone who can help.

We are not limited to the previously mentioned markets, but do and have developed custom products such as store fixtures, computer work stations, Library and conference tables, Government Housing, etc.

All it requires is adequate volume of the same product, that lends itself to the manufacturing concept, not one off, like a cabinet shop.