Mental Health

ABUSE – MIS-USE – TAMPER RESISTANT! From curiosity to hostility, we try to protect the user and those they may encounter. Here we use all of the attributes of Nursing Home, Dormitory and Hospital products, but add a few more for safety.

  • Tamper Resistant screws
  • Cancelled Hardware
  • Hang Proof Coat rails
  • Disposable, harmless hangers
  • Accessible sensitive
  • Bolt down – mobility resistant
  • Weighted – mobility resistant
  • Plastic Tubs for drawers
  • Soft Pulls
  • Rounded Corners
  • 270 degrees Continuous Hinges

In the order of importance, all the above features are designed to:

  1. Protect the patient from harm.
  2. Protect those whom he may encounter from harm.
  3. Reduce damage to the furniture from misuse.
  4. Offer the patient an attractive home-like environment.

Each facility we work with helps Arwood to develop products that solve problems consistent to such environments.