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Arwood Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing Contract case goods from our Oklahoma City, Oklahoma location since 1983. It is owned, operated and managed daily by the two equal-share owners Barry Frazier and Vernon Graff. Currently Arwood has 95,000 square feet and 80 to 100 employees.

Barry is responsible for manufacturing, scheduling, manpower, freight, and purchasing.

Vernon is responsible for sales, marketing, engineering, design, and purchasing.

Barry is a “today” person and oversees those areas necessary to meet our next-to-flawless delivery schedule at the least possible freight cost for the customer.

Vernon is a “tomorrow” person who is always trying to improve on quality, quantity, efficiency and customer satisfaction, resulting in the customer getting the right product for the job at the right price.

Arwood’s efficient office staff is dedicated to customer satisfaction by having at their fingertips all the information necessary to keep you up-to-date with your order and to help with those unforeseen changes, which do occur.

Carla Anderson – Order entry/Invoicing and Freight
Robert Lanning – Engineering Supervisor
Deborah Massey – Bookkeeping (all aspects)
Sharon Mitchell – Executive Secretary, Receptionist and Customer Service

Please feel free to contact these individuals concerning your order. 1-800-730-7363.

We thank you for considering Arwood as your case good supplier and hope you will put us to the test.